Tuna in chilli oil

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Shines Wild Yellow Tuna infused in Chilli Oil contains larger pieces of fish meat rather than flakes compared with other brands. This means you get a much meatier taste and texture from our tuna! Yellowfin Tuna Fish is one of the best tuna species whose meat is fine, light, and flavourful with bit of spice!  It's High in Omega 3, low in salt and contains no gluten - 100g of our Yellowfin Tuna contains up to 28g of protein. It's Low Carb (0g) making it ideal for a Ketogenic Diet! Shines Wild Yellowfin Tuna is hand filleted and preserved in Chilli Oil then packaged in recyclable glass jars, so you can see the quality of our fish! Caught using traditional methods and preparations, our Yellowfin Tuna guarantees quality and freshness, providing maximum flavour and exquisite taste

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