Growing, Collecting and Delivering Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Food is our passion

We grow, collect and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the greater Dublin area weekly. Our goal is to get the foods to you as quickly and naturally as possible from where they were grown with as little time as possible passing.

Our experience and knowledge of farming, growing and distribution of  food in the "Corporate Food World" for over 35 years has given us the insight and knowledge of how food is produced and what those foods go through before they get to you, and to be honest, we feel you can do better!

Weekly Food Delivery Service

Throughout the week we collect the best seasonal Fruits and Vegetables from ourselves, local growers and fruit importers [locally]. We make up your bespoke order and deliver it ourselves to your door promptly [1-3 days]. We avoid pre-packed products, we do not like plastic and we will make every effort to support re-usable boxes and your own containers for bulk products. 

Fresher Food tastes better and is better for you. 30-40% of food produced is wasted in  'developed' countries- we need to waste less and enjoy more.

Delivery Schedule

We pride ourselves on efficiency and establishing the most cost effective route is a core element of that. Our Weekly route is always changing, as some customers do not order every week, and we are adding new customers on an ongoing basis.  Our delivery Area is essentially from Swords to Donnybrook, and from the Quays to Castleknock. Before you can order on this site, we must find a place for you on our delivery schedule.

CLICK HERE to Apply for a place on our Delivery Route 

Collecting Payment

If you order from this website, your Weekly Fruit and Vegetable delivery is paid for instantly. If you use our email service we will need to arrange  to collect payment.

BUSY LIFE? - Re-ordering is easy

Those of you who use our service on a regular basis can easily Re-order a Custom Vegetable Box that you have ordered in weeks gone by. Those of you who order The RUNNER BOX will receive a Vegetable Box with seasonal changes bringing verity to your diet with seasonal lovelies appearing in your weekly vegetable box and as much locally sourced food as possible.

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Grallagh, Garristown,
Co Dublin Ireland.

(086) 261 6401

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